New Filipino chaplain for German-speaking Switzerland

Last October 6, 2005, the Filipino Community and Swiss Church officials met with Bishop Precioso Cantillas, SDB of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines. We finally received the good news: TP’s long quest for a Filipino priest to permanently serve the pastoral needs of the community had come to fruition and a priest would be arriving in January 2006. Here are some details from that meeting:

The nominated priest, Fr. Johann Dumandan, SDB has been officially accepted by Migratio. Fr. Dumandan was a Salesian priest presently incardinated to the diocese of Maasin, Southern Leyte which falls under Bishop Cantillas. Fr. Dumandan finished his higher education in Rome, and has also had the opportunity to work with various Filipino groups there.

Fr. Dumandan is scheduled to officially start his work in Switzerland in January 2006. He reports to Migratio and Fr. Franz Stampfli, who has been designated by the Swiss Bishops’ Conference as the over-all person in charge for Migrants’ Pastoral Care.

Fr. Dumandan’s office will be at the Slovenian Mission, which will give him the opportunity to familiarize himself with how a mission works. He is designated to head the Filipino chaplaincy in the entire German-speaking region of Switzerland.

More details on the structure of the new chaplaincy and the schedule of Masses will be forthcoming. Bishop Cantillas expressed his desire that eventually some kind of Pastoral Council could be formed to work with Fr. Dumandan.

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Misang Sambayanan: Talaan para sa taong 2006

21 ng Enero, Sabado (21. Januar)

Gaganapin ang Banal na Misa para sa Fiesta ng Sto. Niño de Cebu sa ika-11.00 ng umaga, sa Erlöser Kirche,  Zollikerstrasse 160, 8008 Zürich.

22 ng Enero, Linggo (22. Januar)

Kaugnay ng ika- 5 Taon Anibersaryo ng El Shaddai-Zürich, may Misang gaganapin sa ika- 10.00 ng umaga, sa St. Theresien Catholic Church Hall, Borrweg 80, 8005 Zürich.

26 ng Pebrero (26. Februar)

26 ng Marso (26. März)

30 ng Abril (30. April)

28 ng Mayo (28. Mai)

25 ng Hunyo (25. Juni)

Walang Misa sa buwan ng Hulyo

(Im Juli findet kein Gottesdienst statt.)

27 ng Agosto (27. August)

24 ng Septyembre (24. September)

29 ng Oktobre (29. Oktober)

26 ng Nobyembre (26. November)

10 ng Disyembre (10. Dezember)

Ang Banal na Misa ay karaniwang ginaganap sa Krypta ng Simbahan ng Güthirt, Güthirtstr. 3, 8037 Zürich-Wipkingen, Linggo, alas-11.30 ng umaga.

P.S. Dahil sa mga pagbabagong maaaring maganap, paki-tawagan ang TP. 

Paano pumunta: Babaán: Rosengarten (mula HB Bus #46 dir: Rütihof;

Bus #33 o 72;

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Migrant pastoral care: Its lights, shadows and the Church's response

Based on a presentation by Fr. Joe Quilongquilong, SJ

Migration has been a significant phenomenon throughout Philippine history. Filipinos used long boats called balangay to move from place to place in search of food and a place to settle. About 18 meters long, these boats could transport a small clan or large family. Filipinos moved along the island chain to trade, sailing across the Malacca Strait to Vietnam. When the Chinese traders arrived sometime in the 13th century, some of the locals who had been trading aggressively drifted towards Mainland China.

Even after the Spanish conquest of the archipelago, Filipinos kept on the move. Native slave labor was de-ployed from one area to another around the country. The Spaniards realized and benefited from the crafts-manship of the Filipinos. Filipinos, for example, built vessels for the Galleon trade. The Canton-Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade from 1565 to 1815 gave Filipi-nos an opportunity to move beyond Asia while it enriched Spanish colonizers.

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UPSA is Overall Champion in Prague

Costume_upsa_zh_2 We have just heard that the University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors has earned the title of "Overall Champion" in a choral singing competition in Prague, Czech Republic. Sorry, we don't have more details, but will post them here soon.

The photo shows the group in full Philippine regalia at their concert at the Paulus Akademie, Zurich in June. Click on the picture to enlarge.

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